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Hello!! I am Thomas Jacob. I am a micro miniature artist and this is my story. The interest in colours and shapes started at an early age, when just like any other kid I use to draw and paint a lot. But I was more fascinated towards modelling shapes. I learnt my sculpting skills by making small human figures using wheat dough from my mom’s kitchen. It was not a long lasting medium but taught me how to visualize shapes and figures.

It was at age of 10 when I got fascinated with micro carving on small chalk pieces, by picking broken chalk pieces thrown by my teachers. One day I took my compass and tried to carve a human face in the ink dipped chalk piece. That was the start of a new art form and I kept on making them. I didn’t had any reference or anyone to teach me, so practiced on my own. Over the years perfected my hobby into more complex and sophisticated works on chalk.

Later tried to expand my interest by making much more intricate sculptures on pencil graphite. Also experimented with other forms of miniatures like painting on rice, sculpting on crayons and paper cut art. Over last few years has been trying to take this art form to various parts of the world. Milestone moment being when my art won the jury award at 10th edition of International Miniature Art Exhibition, held at Quebec, Canada, among participants from 20 plus countries and more than 400 miniature works on display.

My artworks are available on order. These can be customized for any special occasions or open for an artistic collaboration.

Use the gallery section to navigate your way around my small creative world. Use the contact me option to reach out to me and give your suggestions. I hope you enjoy browsing.

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